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How to Maintain Your Shoreline on a Shared Lake

How to Maintain Your Shoreline on a Shared Lake

Living on lakefront property can provide stunning views of the water and surrounding scenery, creating a relaxing retreat for family and friends. Lake living also offers recreational opportunities such as swimming, boating, fishing, water sports, or just enjoying the view around a campfire.

If you own lakefront property on a shared lake, there are many steps you can take to maintain your shoreline and dock area, ensuring your slice of heaven doesn’t become a source of frustration.

Remove Nuisance Weeds:

Aquatic vegetation is part of a thriving natural lake ecosystem. Plants contribute to the beauty of lake living, prevent erosion, and provide habitat for wildlife. Problems arise when weeds grow out of control. Excessive weed growth chokes the life out of the delicate aquatic ecosystem, eliminates recreational opportunities, and reduces the enjoyment of your property.

You can easily control your lake weeds with a bit of muscle power. Start with weed removal tools designed specifically for ponds and lakes. Weed cutters, aquatic rakes, nets, and skimmers all make quick work of tough aquatic weeds.

Once you have cut and removed as many weeds as possible through mechanical means, it’s time to consider algae and weed control treatments. For submerged weeds, use aquatic herbicides and algicides in granular form, ideal for spot treatment in localized areas. Avoid liquid formulations designed to disperse and treat the entire lake, as this will be ineffectual and a waste of resources…like a drop in the ocean.

If you are battling emergent weeds such as cattails, a systemic herbicide with a surfactant, such as Shoreline Defense and Treatment Booster Plus, is your best course of treatment. It is best to treat emergent weeds when they are actively growing, letting the plant brown and wilt before removing it.

Eliminate Muck & Maintain Your Shoreline:

Most shorelines plagued by weeds are also home to thick, foul-smelling lake muck. Adding beneficial bacteria to your lakefront will reduce and eliminate muck, making your shoreline an inviting retreat again.

MuckAway tablets sink below the water's surface and dissolve, releasing hungry beneficial bacteria that instantly begin consuming and digesting lake muck, rapidly converting it into an odorless gas that escapes unnoticed out of the water column. MuckAway targets treatment to a localized area, making it ideal for beach areas, fishing docks, and along shorelines. MuckAway eliminates up to 2” of muck each month!

You can further your muck reduction by using pond muck removal tools, such as the Muck Razer. The Muck Razer is an underwater mower that agitates the lake floor, infusing it with oxygen and accelerating the decomposition of organic materials. The hooked teeth also dig out the roots of stubborn aquatic plants and churn up small debris. MuckAway and the Muck Razer are a great one-two punch to maintaining a clean, weed-free beach area.

Muck removal tools and treatments are a great solution, eliminating the cost of dredging or hiring a muck removal service.

Add a Water Circulator:

Water circulators are versatile tools that create consistent water movement, eliminating stagnant water areas, which in turn limits unwanted plant growth and muck accumulation. Circulators can be easily mounted to your dock or to a float.

During the winter months, circulators prevent ice formation that can damage permanent structures such as a dock. The water movement also allows for areas of open water, where you are sure to see visiting lake wildlife and waterfowl...another benefit of lakefront living.

Contact Our Experts:

Effective lakefront maintenance will result in less physical labor, less frequent use of chemicals, and more long-lasting enjoyment of your lakefront property. As always, ensure any treatments comply with local regulations, homeowner association rules, and lake community guidelines regarding the use and maintenance of your lakefront property.

Still wondering how to maintain lakefront property or how to get rid of lake weeds and muck? Need tips on waterfront property maintenance?

If you have any additional questions about the best way to maintain your lake home, don't hesitate to contact our team of experts for assistance.

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