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How to Get Rid of Lake Weeds and Muck

How to Get Rid of Lake Weeds and Muck

Has your lakefront property been taken over by weeds, algae, and foul-smelling muck? Don’t give up! You don’t have to let Mother Nature take over. With the right tools, beneficial bacteria, and a little effort on your part, we’ll show you how to get rid of lake weeds and muck and reclaim your lakefront shoreline!

Identify and Treat Algae and Aquatic Weeds

Before you start cutting down those weeds, we recommend that you identify them and determine the best treatment method, so you don’t make the problem worse.

Weeds and algae can actually spread through their seeds and spores from plant fragments left in the water. Use our handy Weed Identification Guide to learn what types of weeds and algae you have, and then follow the recommendations for the best herbicide or algaecide to treat them.

After you have treated and killed the weeds and algae, you are ready to start removing dead vegetation from your lakefront.

Cut Rooted Vegetation

First, we suggest using one of our lake weed cutters like the Weed Razer Aquatic Weed Cutter, the Weed Razer Pro, or the Weed Razer Express to cut through the rooted vegetation. Each model is lightweight and easy to use, and they come with various cutting widths.

These unique V-shaped weed cutters feature razor-sharp blades made to cut or shear just about any type of rooted aquatic vegetation, such as watermilfoil, lily pads, and various lake weeds. For weeds farther in your lake, the Weed Razers include a 25’ rope, allowing you to throw and retrieve the cutter up to 30’ into the waterbody.

Remove Cut Debris

Once you've cut the rooted weeds, we recommend using an aquatic rake to remove the cut vegetation from the water. Otherwise, if left in, vegetation will provide nutrients for regrowth when it starts to decay.

The Weed Raker lets you get to the root of your lake weed problem with the longest, widest aquatic weed rake in the industry. The Weed Raker quickly and easily removes aquatic weeds from your lakefront.

The 3-In-1 Collapsible Razer Rake is lightweight and easy to use, and it’s perfect for pulling the roots and weeds from the water. The Razer Rake can be used three ways, as a floating rake to comb vegetation and debris from the surface of the water, or beneath the surface, to rake out rooted weeds from the soft lake muck on the bottom. The rake can also be used as a professional-grade landscaping rake for dressing beach sand.

Agitate Lake Sediment

Use the Muck Razer to dig out the roots of aquatic weeds. Simply roll the Muck Razer into the water and let it sink. The large drum will sink into the sediment on the bottom and when you roll it back and forth, the steel teeth dig up rooted weeds and aerate the muck on the bottom of your lake, which will be important when it comes time for your next step.

The Muck Razer’s long handle gives you maximum reach and it needs no electricity. It’s all hand-driven. It can be used in the water, around docks, along the shoreline, and on the beach.

Once you have dug up a good amount of rooted vegetation, we suggest you go back in with the Razer Rake and drag the weeds out of the water before you move on to the next step in the process of reclaiming your shoreline, which is to get rid of the muck.

Eliminate Muck With Beneficial Bacteria

Once you have cleared your lakefront of weeds and debris, we recommend treating your shoreline with MuckAway, which consumes muck and creates a firmer lake bottom.

MuckAway is the Original Muck Reducer, an all-natural lake cleaner made up of beneficial bacteria. It’s the industry’s leading, most effective, proven solution in muck reduction. Eliminating up to 2” of muck per month.

This scientifically formulated beneficial bacteria not only helps with lake weed and muck removal, MuckAway also reduces noxious odors and muck accumulation, and you can use it to spot treat beaches, shorelines, and lakefronts.

Using MuckAway in combination with the Muck Razer will produce even faster results. The Muck Razer aerates and agitates to sediment, creating an oxygen-rich environment for the natural bacteria in MuckAway to thrive and multiply. To maintain your shoreline, continue treatments monthly.

After treating your lakefront with MuckAway, there’s no need to wait to use your new beach area and waterfront. MuckAway is completely safe to use in recreational ponds and lakes, on beach areas, around fishing docks, along shorelines, and on lakes and ponds used for irrigation and aquaculture. It’s also safe for horses, livestock, birds, pets, fish, wildlife, and the environment.

With a little hard work and the right tools, you can turn your weed-and-muck-lined shorefront into a muck-free beach that is ready for swimming, boating, and lakeside picnics!


Do you have questions about reclaiming or maintaining your lakefront beach area or other pond or lakefront property questions? Still struggling with muck and weed removal from lake?

Don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts. We’re here to answer all your pond and lake questions.

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