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I know a net won't fit on my pond, so how do I keep the leaves out?
ASKED BY: Jack of Fairport, NY
ASKED BY: Jack of Fairport, NY

I know a net won't fit on my pond, so how do I keep the leaves out?

A: Big lake? Blowing leaves? No problem! Though it might seem like an impossible task to keep those drifting fall leaves from landing in your pond or lake, it is possible to manage them even without the use of pond netting. With a little bit of planning you can use this three-step solution. Here's what we recommend.

Step 1: Continue to Aerate
No, your aerator won't blow away debris like your leaf blower, but it will help to circulate oxygen throughout the water column. An Airmax Aeration System will keep your pond or lake in good shape by removing dangerous gases like ammonia while delivering O2 to your fish and muck-eating beneficial bacteria.

Step 2: Put Bacteria to Work
Continual use of some beneficial bacteria like those found in Airmax MuckAway throughout the fall will help decompose the leaves that have landed in your lake or pond. The bacteria-packed pellets sink below the water's surface and instantly begin to digest muck, gobbling through leaves and improving water clarity.

Step 3: Manually Remove Debris
Because a net won't fit over your lake, you should plan to manually remove fallen leaves and debris in addition to aerating and adding bacteria. Doing so will lessen the workload—and give you some good stuff to add to your compost pile. Tools that will make the job easy include:

  • Pond Rake: Perfect for mechanical control of weeds, algae, muck and debris, this 3-foot-wide aluminum rake comes with an 11-foot two-piece rust-proof powder-coated aluminum handle, detachable polyethylene float and a 20 feet length of polypropylene rope.
  • Heavy Duty Pond Net Combo: This heavy-duty handheld net includes a fish net, sludge/utility net and aluminum neoprene-grip handle that extends to more than 9 feet. The quick-change design makes switching between nets fast and easy.
  • PondSkim: Remove floating debris quickly by dragging this skimmer across the surface of the water. It measures 5 feet wide and is constructed with a tough collection screen, a buoyant float, a sturdy abrasion-resistant lower crossbar and a 24-foot pull line.

It can be a challenge to prevent leaves from settling in a large pond or lake, but with a little planning and hard work, it can be done. Good luck!