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Ich Treatment for Fish

Ich Treatment for Fish

Ich (also known as Ick) is one of the most common and persistent diseases in fish. It appears on the body, fins, and gills of fish as white nodules of up to 1mm that look like white grains of salt. Each white spot is an encysted parasite. Along with the visible white spots, fish are often seen flashing and gasping for air at the water’s surface.

What Causes Ich?

Ich is an opportunistic parasite that infects fish when they are under a lot of stress caused by pH fluctuations or rapid temperature changes. Pond conditions can cause parasites and diseases to affect your fish. These conditions include overcrowding, overfeeding, poor water quality, and poor dissolved oxygen content.

Can Fish Survive Ich Without Treatment?

No. If not controlled, ich has a 100% mortality rate, and death can occur within a week of infection. Ich is highly contagious and can quickly spread to other fish in the pond. We are here to help. If you suspect ich has invaded your pond, we offer expedited shipping. Call our pond experts today at 866-766-3435.

Ich Treatment for Fish

There are medications to quickly and easily treat ich and other common parasite and fungal infections. We recommend the following ich fish treatment:

  • KnockOut Plus is an all-natural pond treatment designed to treat all single-celled parasites and fungal infections.
  • MinnFinn is a biodegradable pond treatment that effectively treats a broad spectrum of fungal and external bacteria infections, protozoal parasites, and more.

Perform a Partial Water Change

In addition to adding an ich treatment, we recommend a partial water change (25-30%) because these symptoms are commonly seen when water conditions are poor.

Add Stress Reducer and/or Pond Salt

Next, add The Pond Guy Stress Reducer Plus, which is designed to reduce fish stress and heal damaged tissue. Stress Reducer Plus forms a beneficial, stress-reducing slime coat replacing the natural secretion of slime that is lost when fish are handled, breeding or under stress. Stress Reducer Plus also works to remove ammonia, chlorine, chloramines and heavy metals, making tap water safe.

Consider a Salt Bath

Pond salt is a form of pure evaporated sea salt that is commonly added to koi ponds to support fish health. In low doses, pond salt has many health benefits for your fish. Learn more about how to use pond salt in koi ponds here.

Preventive Fish Care

The majority of common fish diseases can be prevented with routine maintenance such as partial water changes, water testing, proper filtration, aeration and fish population control.

Oxygen is the lifeline to every ecosystem. Consider adding or increasing aeration. Bottom diffused aeration is the most effective way to circulate water and increase oxygen levels. We recommend allowing no more than 1-2 koi or 2-3 goldfish per 200 gallons of water to keep your ecosystem healthy. Learn more about proactively keeping your fish healthy here.

If you have any additional questions about the best way to care for your pond fish, don't hesitate to contact our team of experts for assistance.

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