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Pondless Feature Maintenance

Pondless Feature Maintenance

Without fish or open water, pondless water features are pretty easy to maintain. Typically these features do not have filter systems that you have to regularly clean, but there are a few simple tasks that require attention. Here is a quick checklist for keeping your waterfall looking its best:

  • Say Hello to Bacteria - Though you will not have fish waste or decomposing leaves in your basin since it is covered, nutrients can still accumulate and lead to algae growth. Regularly using a beneficial bacteria, such as FeatureClear, will be an essential part of keeping your water clean. Beneficial bacteria gobble up fine organic debris that discolors your water or feeds string algae. Proactively managing your water feature will help you reduce problems from occurring, meaning you will have more time to sit back, relax, and enjoy your feature.

  • Combat Discolored Water - Excess nutrients or debris in the water column can leave behind a slimy mess or discolored water. If your water quality gets diminished, add a dose of InstaFix as needed to clean up the water in as little as 48 hours. InstaFix can be used in a fountain, water feature, or birdbath, but is not recommended for water that contains fish, invertebrates, or crustaceans, so use with caution.

  • Rock a Clean Feature - As with ponds, rocks and other surfaces in your pondless waterfall will likely become a home for string algae and other debris buildups. Using AlgaeOff or Oxy-Lift Defense is an effective way to clean up your feature. These fast-acting solutions use the power of oxygen to lift and wash away debris. For best results, turn your pump off. This will allow the powder to get into all the nooks and crannies. Restart your pump after the product has time to work.

  • Change It Up - From time to time, a partial water change may be needed to help your feature get back on track. Changing your water will quickly remove any excess nutrients or debris and give your pond a fresh start. Just remember to add your beneficial bacteria after you refill to keep it looking clean.

  • Keep the Water Flowing - With a hidden basin, you may not be able to see how much water is actually in your feature. Since your pump needs a constant supply of water, you will likely be looking for a replacement pump if your reservoir dries up. To keep your feature functioning properly, occasionally check the water level or install an Auto Fill Valve. Simply connect this kit to any garden hose or 1/2" irrigation line and it will replace any water lost to splashing or evaporation.

  • Inspect Your Gadgets - Periodically, take time to check your feature's pump, tubing, and connectors to ensure that they are sound and functioning correctly. If cold weather is approaching, double-check your pump manual for winterization recommendations.