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Small Pond Waterfall Ideas

Small Pond Waterfall Ideas

From our headquarters to customers' homes, The Pond Guy has provided the products and expertise used to design and build some of the most picturesque small pond projects across Southeast Michigan and beyond. Now we've compiled a list to highlight all the essential details, so you can learn about how these small pond waterfall ideas came to be successes. After reading this, we hope you'll better understand how to conceptualize, construct, and care for your own small pond with a waterfall.

Jump right in and explore our collection of small pond ideas below:

  1. Customize With Koi
  2. Level Up Using Tiers
  3. Go Big With Granite Boulders
  4. Lovely LEDs to Light Up the Night
  5. Dual Waterfalls for Double the Impact
  6. Wrapping Up

Customize With Koi

Customized Koi Pond

Erected in 2013 at our inviting retail store, this custom 20,000-gallon koi pond is still alive and well a decade later, as it continues to welcome, soothe, and inspire customers who visit us from March through October.

Sprawling 32' x 30' in size and 4' deep, The Pond Guy's custom koi pond is highlighted by the inclusion of over 100 tons of naturally weathered boulders, a 16' stream, and three distinct waterfalls – the largest of the trio being the main waterfall, which stands 6' wide x 3' tall. With nearly 3,500 square feet of 45 mil EPDM rubber pond liner, three 12,000 GPH waterfall pumps, and a one-of-a-kind filtration system, this custom pond design-build was, and still is, as impressive as they come.

Waterfall Pond With Driftwood

The most pivotal considerations with this project were the filtration and aeration infrastructure, with our large live koi requiring clean and clear water to flourish in a manmade ecosystem. In addition to aquatic plants – which help to preserve water clarity by absorbing pollutants – our filtration system continues to operate with a KoiAir 2 Aeration Kit, an IonGen clarifier, bottom jets, and a manual water fill valve. Altogether, these accessories help ensure our custom pond continues to be a sight to see and an inspiration for all.

Level Up Using Tiers

Tiered Waterfall

A small pond waterfall with multiple levels can take your backyard curb appeal to new heights, much like the project pictured above, which was launched in Marine City, Michigan, in the spring of 2006.

Using marginal plants and local rocks to create a completely natural appearance, this pondless water feature was designed to do more than just look good. The goal was not only to act as a low-maintenance focal point, but also to consistently reduce intrusive noise from nearby traffic.

While cars inevitably continue to come and go by this residence, small pond ideas like this one can provide creative solutions that instantly elevate your outdoor experience for the years to come.

This project was carefully devised and constructed every step of the way, from penciling in the initial plans to selecting parts and repositioning heavy rocks. The finished result was highlighted by a 10" Cascade Spillway used to start the waterfall, which was intentionally camouflaged by the inclusion of plants. Other products used for this pond design-build included 45 mil EPDM rubber pond liner, a submersible waterfall pump, PVC tubing, and an all-inclusive Pond Installation Kit comprised of all the supplies needed to install new ponds and fix any future issues.

Go Big With Granite Boulders

Granite Boulder Pond

Make a statement by dressing up a small pond with large and shimmering granite boulders!

One of our small pond waterfall ideas and implementations at The Pond Guy back in 2013, this 1,600-gallon pond in Romeo, Michigan, featured 10 tons (20,000 pounds) of exterior granite boulders and another 800 pounds of submerged pebbles on the ground floor. The integration of significant natural stones provided a sizable look and fit seamlessly into our beautiful, tree-lined setting.

Due to the surrounding vegetation, we used a RapidFlo Kit by The Pond Guy to compensate for falling leaves during the fall season. The larger pump that comes in this kit is not only made to handle such debris, but it also masks noise and includes a biological waterfall filter to help increase the beneficial bacteria in the pond.

The combination of natural tree cover, plants, and large boulders created the environment necessary for algae to grow best. That's why we also took protective measures to avoid green water algae blooms. Additional accessories – such as a UltraUV & SolidFlo Combo, a manual fill valve, and The Pond Guy Water Garden Aeration Kit – were used to proactively regulate these algae-induced conditions.

In the end, our small pond waterfall with granite boulders was a huge success.

Lovely LEDs to Light Up the Night

Lighted Pond

Another small pond with a waterfall that was realized in Romeo, this 700-gallon water feature with a 6' stream was designed to shine as much at night as it does during the earlier hours of the day.

It was brought to life with a trifecta of plants, rocks, and lighting – the latter effortlessly emphasizing the surrounding landscape. The Pond Guy's LEDPro 3-Watt Submersible Lights, which can be placed in or out of the water, provided a soft, relaxing ambiance after dark. The project was inspired by nature, so it was important to highlight those key outdoor elements as the focal point.

LED lights are a must for those looking to elevate their pond's look and feel from dawn to dusk and every hour in between.

Dual Waterfalls for Double the Impact

Dual Waterfalls

Finally, arguably one of our most unique small pond ideas with a waterfall – or two, in this case – has truly offered double the effect since its inception in 2012.

The inclusion of dual waterfall boxes allowed the water to attractively cascade down the Missouri Moss rock in multiple places, creating a calming and cohesive visual and audible experience. From the natural rocks to the trickling sight and sound of free-flowing water, this rewarding design-build was well worth the heavy lifting.

While the installation crew dug the hole to house the basin and 45 mil EPDM rubber pond liner by hand, machines were needed to help move the large rocks in place until a desired look was achieved. However, the use of a Basin Matrix reduced the number of rocks required to complete the display. Other pivotal supplies also contributed to a detailed finished product, including: an Auto Fill Valve to ensure enough water, an overflow drain that directs water to the street in case it is overfilled, and Black Waterfall Foam to fill in the gaps between the rocks, secure them in place, and divert the waterflow in the desired path.

Overall, planning, effort, and expertise all led to another successful small pond waterfall.

Wrapping Up

Now that you've learned more about the five small pond waterfall ideas above, we hope you feel enthused and empowered to establish a water feature of your own. Whether you wish to replicate one of these small pond ideas at home or if what you saw here inspired you to blend elements from multiple projects, we're here to help every step of the way! From how-to advice to selecting the products needed to build and maintain your pond in the years to come, contact us today to get started planning your dream small pond with a waterfall.