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What fountain maintenance do you recommend for winter shut-down?
Ask Our Pond Experts
Ask Our Pond Experts

What fountain maintenance do you recommend for winter shut-down?

Asked By: John of Epping, NH

A: Decorative fountains beautify your aquascape while pumping oxygen into the water. While this benefits pond clarity and quality, water pumps for fountains are designed to be used in the warmer months, not winter. When you're ready to shut down your pond for the year, follow these outdoor fountain winter care steps to ensure it'll be set for use in spring:

  1. Pull Unit From the Pond: To remove your fountain from the water, release the mooring lines and gently reel it in. Leave the mooring line stakes in place to make it easy to reinstall in the spring and save time placing the fountain in position.

  2. Clean Your Fountain and Lights: As your fountain runs through the year, algae, minerals, and debris accumulate on the surfaces. This grimy layer acts as an insulator that traps heat around the motor, which could cause overheating when you reinstall it in the spring. Use a scrubber and fountain cleaner to polish soiled surfaces while wet, as removing debris once dried can be difficult.

  3. Inspect and Maintain: Normal wear-and-tear and curious critters can cause nicks and chew marks in the cord that must be repaired, so check it for damages. To keep it safe from muskrats, shield the cord with either stainless steel or PolyFlex power cord sleeve protection. If you haven't performed routine fountain maintenance on your unit, like changing oil and seals, winter is the perfect time to do so while it is out of the water and in your workshop.

  4. Cover the Cord Ends: Once your fountain is cleaned and repaired, cover your power cord ends with a plastic bag to keep dust and debris out while it's in storage. If you have an Airmax Fountain, you can use the included caps to cover the power cord ends.

  5. Store in a Warm Spot: Find a dry, frost-free location to store your fountain over the winter, like your garage, basement, or another place that won't freeze. Ensure you thoroughly inspect your unit before reinstalling it in spring.

  6. Keep Aeration Running: Unless you plan to use your pond for recreation, like hockey or ice skating, your pond will need oxygen through the winter. Continue to use your diffused aeration system to maintain a hole in the ice for ventilation and gas exchange.

Winter Pond Fountain Maintenance Tips

Follow these simple steps, and you'll be ready to reinstall your fountain in the spring once the temperature stays above freezing! Contact us for personalized advice for cleaning, repairing, and maintaining your fountains and pumps. Give us a call at 866-766-3435 today!

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Last Updated: June 27, 2024