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What items need to come out of my pond before winter?
ASKED BY: Charles of Billings, MT
ASKED BY: Charles of Billings, MT

What items need to come out of my pond before winter?

A:  You probably spent a pretty penny on your pond equipment, and so there's no doubt you want to make that gear last as many seasons as possible. Certain components will survive longer if you remove them from your pond during the winter, including:

  • All-In-One Filtration Units: Submersible mechanical, biological and ultraviolet filtration systems such as the ClearSolution G2 should be pulled from your water feature, cleaned and stowed away for the winter in a place that will not freeze.
  • Pressurized Filters: As with the All-In-One Filtration Units, plan to remove pressurized filters such as the AllClear G2 and put it up for the cold-weather season. Doing so will prolong the life of your unit's temperature-sensitive parts.
  • Pumps: Whether your pump feeds a waterfall, fountain or some other decorative item in your pond, it will need to be removed and stored in water in a spot that won't freeze, like a heated garage or basement.
  • UV Clarifiers: If your ultraviolet clarifier is separate from your mechanical and biological filtration system, be sure to remove it from your water feature and store it until spring, when you should plan to replace the bulb.
  • Ion Clarifiers: Algae won't likely be growing out of control in the winter, so you can disconnect your ion clarifier and keep it stashed until the warm weather arrives.

Once all of your gear is removed and stored away, blow out the water lines with your air compressor and cap the ends until spring. You wouldn't want that water to freeze and crack your pipes!

Add Winter Gear
While you're doing some winterizing chores, now is the perfect time to add an aerator to your pond to keep the water oxygenated for your finned pals during the winter months.

CrystalClear PondAir Aeration Kit is designed for water gardens up to 2,000 gallons. It's powered by an energy-efficient diaphragm compressor and includes an airflow control valve, air stones and flexible black vinyl air tubing.

The Pond Guy Pond Aerator is designed to aerate medium sized water gardens and koi ponds up to 4,000 gallons. It's powered by an energy-efficient aeration pump and includes a diffuser plate for maximum oxygen uptake and a weighted airline.

Completing these simple tasks will prolong the life of your pond gear and ensure your fish and other pond critters stay happy and well all winter long.