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When is the best time to install underwater pond lighting?
ASKED BY: Lou of Winston, OR
ASKED BY: Lou of Winston, OR

When is the best time to install underwater pond lighting?

A: Whether it's illuminating a patio, a landscape or a water garden, outdoor lighting can have a dramatic impact on the area's space. It creates a special mood and spotlights stunning features while adding ambient light to the environment.

Underwater lighting is best installed when your pond is empty, like while it's being constructed or – in most cases – while you're doing your annual spring cleanout. If you're putting in lights this spring, here are four key tips to follow:

Choose the Right Lights

Landscaping lights come in many different sizes and varieties, and so it can be hard to choose the best for your needs. Luckily, we offer three above- and underwater lights that will do the trick.

  • LEDPro Mini 1-Watt 3 Pack: Energy Efficiency - The LEDPro Mini 1-Watt lights are energy-efficient, providing effective pond lighting while consuming minimal power. These mini lights are great for small water features, bog areas, or fish ponds. Each 1-watt light shines with the same intensity as a 10-watt halogen bulb.
  • LEDPro 3-Watt Lights: Submersible Design - The Pond Guy LEDPro 3-Watt Submersible Lights are designed to be fully submersible, adding a unique and visually appealing underwater lighting feature to the pond.
  • LEDPro 6-Watt LED Light Kit: Brightness and Versatility - The 6-Watt LED Light Kit offers a higher brightness level, making it suitable for larger ponds. Additionally, it provides versatility in illuminating different areas of the pond and landscaping. With energy-efficient LED bulbs. It shines with the same intensity as a 50-watt halogen but with a longer life span and lower energy costs.
  • LEDPro 12-Watt Single Light: The 12-Watt Single Light is designed for powerful illumination, making it an ideal choice for ponds that require a strong and focused lighting presence. This spotlight also features an LED bulb, but it shines with the same intensity as a 70-watt halogen.

Point Lights to the Pond

Rather than directing your landscape lights toward the patio or other viewing area, shine the light on pond instead. Your goal is to illuminate your water feature – not blind yourself while viewing it.

Cast an Underwater Glow

Beneath the water's surface, install lights that will spotlight your waterfall or stream's cascading water. And don't forget to include some that will highlight landscaping around and pondscaping in your water feature, too.

Stash Extra Power Cord

To give yourself easy accessibility to the underwater lights when you need to change their bulbs, wrap some excess power cord around the light. This will allow you to simply pull the light out of the water and change the bulb without having to drain the water or move a rock.

Over time, algae and other debris will build up on your lights – and so you'll need to add a new to-do item on your spring cleanout checklist! Each year, plan to give those lenses a good scrubbing and replace any burned-out bulbs.