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Will a Water Feature Bring in Mosquitoes?

Will a Water Feature Bring in Mosquitoes?

If pondkeeping were a recipe for multiplying mosquitoes, it would be tough to justify having a pond at all. Fortunately, the same things that make a pond attractive to you make it an unwelcome spot for mosquitoes looking to settle down and start a family.

Keep Water Moving

Mosquitoes, it seems, prefer to lay their larva in stagnant water. As it turns out, ponds are much cleaner and more attractive when they're well aerated. The benefits of aeration are twofold. First, aeration helps gases produced by the breakdown of organic matter to dissipate naturally - which in turn eliminates the potential for unpleasant pond odor. Second - and very importantly - a well-aerated pond is a lousy place for mosquito larvae. That's why so many of our customers turn to PondAir and KoiAir Aeration Kits.

For pondkeepers who prefer a more dramatic display of mosquito-beating aeration, we recommend our ClearSolution G2 Filter System. In addition to the oxygenating benefits of aeration, these pumps double as fountains, sending up a spray of water to keep you entertained - while keeping mosquitoes at bay.

When Stagnant Water Forms

Under some circumstances, aeration isn't a viable alternative. In those cases, our Mosquito Bits and Mosquito Dunks offer a safe, EPA-approved means to kill mosquito larva for up to 30 days.

So don't let the threat of mosquitoes stand between you and your pond. Give them the fight of their lives - and we'll do everything we can to make sure you come out ahead.