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Choose a Pond Tool

Controlling pond weeds and other vegetation can be a tough job but using the right tools can make it easier. Removing weeds and algae from your pond is an important part of maintaining your pond. Here are some gadgets that are handy to have in your pond toolbox.


A sprayer is an easy way to apply liquid treatments. Some treatments, such as contact chemicals, are only effective when they are sprayed directly on the weed. The Pond Sprayer, holds 3 gallons of treatment solution and is designed for use with pond chemicals. This sprayer features a wide-mouth fill top that minimizes accidental spills, a brass corrosive-resistant nozzle, and a high-pressure tank that allows you to spray hard to reach weeds and algae.

It is important to invest in a separate sprayer just for pond treatments. Using lawn and garden chemicals in the same sprayer that you use on your pond can add toxic material into the pond that can potentially harm your fish and other aquatic life.

Granular Spreader

For granular herbicides and algaecides, the Granular Hand Spreader will evenly broadcast the treatment over the target area. The spreader is rustproof and holds 5 pounds of product. Using the crank handle and application adjuster to achieve the correct dosages will help to provide a more effective weed kill-off.


For surface debris, the 2-In-1 Heavy Duty Combo Net is indispensable. The net's strong handle extends from 4' to 10' and has comfortable neoprene grips. The 20"W fish and 16"W sludge nets are interchangeable. The 7mm mesh fish net is 14" deep for grabbing fish or large amounts of leaves while the sludge net has a finer 3mm mesh mesh for collecting smaller debris.

The PondSkim Debris Skimmer is a great tool to collect floating debris like algae, duckweed, leaves or dead vegetation. A ¼ inch mesh net hangs down from a 5-foot wide float to clear a large section of the pond in one swipe. The included 24-foot rope can also be attached to the front of a boat.

Weed Cutters

After the weeds have died off use a weed cutter, like the Weed Razer, to assist in their removal. The Weed Cutter's double-sided blade is 28 inches wide so you can saw through large areas of emergent and marginal weeds, such as cattails. The rustproof, powder-coated aluminum handle is 11 feet long so you can reach those pesky submerged weeds, too.

The Weed Razer is a razor-sharp tool that sinks to the bottom of the pond to slice through the base of weeds such as watermilfoil and lily pads. The V-shaped Weed Razer comes in two sizes. The Weed Razer weighs only 8 pounds and will clear a 4-foot wide path through weeds. The Weed Razer Pro is adjustable to clear areas between 12 inches and 62 inches wide and weighs 9 pounds. All Weed Razer models come with a 25-foot rope so you can easily toss it into the affected area and pull it back.

Pond Rakes

After cutting the weeds, a rake will make removing the weeds a cinch. A pond rake pulls, gathers and removes dead debris from the surface or the bottom of a pond. The Razer Rake is 36 inches wide and can be used as a floating rake or a subsurface rake. Simply attach the float for clearing the surface of the water or remove it to allow the rake to pull weeds from the bottom. The included 25-foot rope makes it easy to grab vegetation and debris from a large area. The rake can also be used as a professional-grade landscaping rake for dressing beach sand. The Weed Raker has strong 8 inch tines so it can dig those weeds outright from the roots. Both rakes come with a length of rope to make it easy to grab vegetation and debris from a large area.