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Beautiful Pond Flowers for Mom

Beautiful Pond Flowers for Mom

Mother’s Day flowers are perfect for showing your mom how much she means to you. We put together this pond flower gift guide to help you choose the most beautiful blooms for mom this spring. Order flowers online early to ensure they arrive by the big day!

Water Lily Flowers

Lilies are among the most popular flowering pond plants due to their numerous colors and hardy nature. A koi pond with flowering lilies and vibrant lily pads gracefully resting upon the water’s surface is an idyllic sight sure to delight.

Our Hardy Water Lilies come in shades of red, peach, pink, yellow, and white. Lily flowers often represent themes of femininity and motherhood, making them excellent Mother’s Day flowers.

Water Lotus Flowers

Lotus flowers in ponds provide stunning splashes of color rising mightily above the water’s surface. These flowers are available in soft shades of yellow, white, pink, and gorgeous bi-color blooms.

The timeless lotus flower symbolizes the purity of love and perseverance through adversity. Let your mom know you appreciate everything she has done for you with a Water Lotus Plant this year.

Floating Pond Flowers

Water hyacinths are prolific floating pond plants with fragrant purple flowers that filter water and provide shade for fish. These beautiful blooms are easy to plant and care for, requiring minimal maintenance throughout the growing season.

Hyacinths are steeped in a deep history of complex symbolism spanning the emotional spectrum, from love to loss and everything in between. If you cannot make it home for Mother’s Day this year, send Mom Water Hyacinths to let her know she is on your mind.

Marginal Pond Flowers

While cattails and rushes are the quintessential plants that grace the margins of ponds and lakes, marginal pond flowers like irises add a splash of color and variety. Plus, these cheery plants filter bog areas to keep pond water clean and clear.

Iris flowers symbolize wisdom and admiration, so they are great for showing your mom that you will always look up to her. Our Blue Flag Iris plants will make an excellent addition to your mom’s pond or water garden.

Essential Pond Gardening Supplies & Advice

Ensure your mom has everything she needs to plant her new Mother’s Day flowers! We recommend the all-in-one Planting Kits for Water Lilies and Lotus and Planting Kits for Aquatic Bog Plants for a successful growing season.

Before you order, check out the shipping guide for the pond flowers you plan to purchase. Depending on your growing zone, some plants ship later in the year. Pre-order aquatic plants sooner to ensure they arrive on time.

Need Help Choosing the Perfect Pond Flowers?

Are you not sure which flowering pond plants are best for your mom’s pond? Contact our pond experts online or by phone at 866-766-3435 for helpful advice.

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