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Essential DIY Backyard Pond Kit Supplies

Essential DIY Backyard Pond Kit Supplies

Are you ready to take the plunge and build your own backyard pond? Before you get started, you likely want to know what supplies you should purchase. A DIY pond kit provides everything you need to break ground on your new pond in one convenient package. Dive in to learn more about the essential components of DIY pond-building kits so you can choose the right fit for your pond!

Pond Liners

A sturdy pond liner and underlayment is the foundation of your new pond build. Pond lining material comes in various options to suit your budget and needs.

For small pond kits, a rigid pond form is the easiest way to ensure your build remains watertight. However, preformed liners limit your new water garden's overall size and shape and are more challenging to conceal.

For a more freeform build that looks natural, large pond kits include rubber or EPDM liners you can roll out and cut to fit the desired area. These pond liners enable you to get creative with shapes and sizes, plus you can hide them beneath plants and rocks for a natural look.

Filters and Skimmers

A reliable filtration system is crucial to keeping a clean and clear pond, especially when building a koi pond kit or water garden with plants. A balanced pond includes both mechanical and biological filtration systems for the best results.

Mechanical filters remove visible debris like leaves and fish waste from the pond water. These filters include debris skimmers and pressurized filters. These systems often include UVC pond filters and clarifiers that use ultraviolet light to destroy algae and harmful microbes in the water.

Biological filters cut through excess nutrients using live beneficial bacteria that digest organics and improve water clarity. These filtration systems rely on filter media like mats, sponges, rocks, and bio balls to colonize a booming population of helpful microbes.

Choosing the right filtration system involves extensive planning and calculations to ensure the water cycles correctly. Luckily, our complete pond kits include the proper components with no guesswork.

Waterfalls and Fountains

The best pond kits come equipped with waterfalls, fountains, or other water features that add delightful movement while circulating and aerating the water. Not all water feature kits are the same, so ensure you select the correct one for your needs.

Pond waterfall kits are available in two types that serve different purposes. Waterfall filtration systems add soothing and captivating movement while housing media for biological filters. However, waterfall spillways only add the beauty of moving water to your pond without filtration benefits.

Both types of waterfalls, plus spitter and fountain pump kits, circulate water and offer limited aeration for shallow ponds. If you are building a pond deeper than three feet, a diffused aeration system is essential for the health of your pond ecosystem.

Aesthetic Accents

Your DIY backyard pond build isn’t complete without a bit of flair. Decorate your pond or water garden with plants, fish, statuary, lighting, and rock accents to make it your own. Many pond kits with waterfalls include LED waterfall lighting to add a splash of color to water features. Additionally, décor like faux rocks and boulders can be used to conceal unsightly pumps and equipment for a natural aesthetic.

DIY Backyard Pond Building Questions

Building a DIY backyard pond can seem challenging without a suitable kit. If you still have questions about choosing pond kit components to fit your build, our pond experts are here to help. Contact us online or give us a call at 866-766-3435 today!

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