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How do I keep leaves out of my pond if it is too large for a net cover?
Ask Our Pond Experts
Ask Our Pond Experts

How do I keep leaves out of my pond if it is too large for a net cover?

Asked by: Jack of Fairport, NY

A: It might seem impossible to keep drifting fall leaves from landing in your large pond or lake, but managing them without pond netting is doable. With some planning and the right equipment, you can learn how to keep your pond clean using our straightforward three-step solution: aeration, beneficial bacteria, and manual debris removal.

Step 1: Aerate to Break Down Muck

While an aerator won't immediately remove leaves from your pond, it will circulate oxygen throughout the water column and boost the beneficial bacteria doing the cleanup for you. An Airmax Aeration System also maintains water quality by removing toxic gases like ammonia and carbon dioxide.

Step 2: Put Beneficial Bacteria to Work

Adding beneficial bacteria like those found in Airmax MuckAway throughout the fall helps decompose leaves and organic debris that have landed in your lake or pond. The probiotic-packed pellets sink below the water's surface and instantly get to work breaking down muck, digesting organic debris, and improving water clarity.

Step 3: Manually Remove Leaves and Debris

When a net won't fit over the surface, you should plan to remove fallen leaves and debris from your pond manually. Doing so will lessen the workload on your beneficial bacteria and aeration system while providing nutrient-rich material for your compost pile.

Tools that make this job easy include:

Jenlis Weed Rake: Perfect for mechanically controlling weeds, algae, muck, and debris. This three-foot-wide aluminum rake comes with a durable 11-foot aluminum handle, a detachable polyethylene float, and 43 feet of polypropylene rope.

Heavy Duty Pond Net Combo: This heavy-duty handheld net includes a fish net, a sludge/utility net, and an aluminum neoprene-grip handle that extends to nearly ten feet. The quick-change design makes switching between nets fast and easy.

PondSkim: Remove leaves from your pond quickly by dragging the PondSkim across the water’s surface. This five-foot-wide debris skimmer has a tough collection screen, a buoyant float, a sturdy abrasion-resistant lower crossbar, and a 24-foot pull line.

Learn More Fall Pond Maintenance Tips

Getting rid of leaves in a large pond or lake can be challenging, but it is possible with a bit of planning, hard work, and the proper tools. For more muck prevention and water quality maintenance tips, contact us online or by phone at 866-766-3435. Our pond professionals will provide personalized advice for your pond!

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Last Updated: April 23, 2024