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How Do I Use MuckAway Tablets?
Ask Our Pond Experts
Ask Our Pond Experts

How Do I Use MuckAway Tablets?

Last Updated: April 15, 2024
Asked By: Rich of Callahan, FL

A: MuckAway beneficial bacteria digest muck, improve water clarity, and eliminate noxious odors. The precision-release pellets are easy to use and perfect for removing sludge that collects in your pond. Clear water and a firm pond bottom free from muck are achievable when you apply MuckAway tablets correctly, so follow along to learn what we recommend.

  • Use as Directed: Apply MuckAway when water temperatures are above 50ºF. Treat monthly for prevention and maintenance, or every other week for more aggressive treatment.
  • Disperse Evenly: Whether using Airmax MuckAway near the shoreline or across your entire pond, the pellets must be spread evenly throughout the treatment area. Use one or two scoops per 1,000 square feet, depending on the severity of muck buildup.
  • Use a Boat: If you are treating a large pond or lake, consider using a boat to spread MuckAway throughout the deepest areas. This even distribution throughout the entire waterbody is more effective than the erratic coverage you get from throwing tablets in from the shore.
  • Consider MuckAway Total Lake: A large pond or lake may need the extra-strength power of MuckAway Total Lake pond sludge remover. When used as directed, it eliminates up to two inches of muck per month, regardless of water depth!
  • Combine Forces: You can enlist an armada of muck-busting bacteria to combat water clarity and quality issues and keep your pond clear and balanced. Use PondClear beneficial bacteria water soluble packets to clean the water column from the top down, and enlist MuckAway to digest sunken muck from the bottom up.

Boost MuckAway Bacteria

You can increase the effectiveness of MuckAway and MuckAway Total Lake by raking out any large debris that takes longer to decompose before you begin treatments. Doing so allows your beneficial bacteria to target fine debris and nutrients more effectively.

Airmax Aeration makes your bacteria more effective at battling muck. The moving, aerated water provides both oxygen and circulation, which creates an ideal environment for MuckAway bacteria to flourish. Looking for proof? Check out our Fox Lake Field Study. It shows the astounding results of MuckAway Total Lake and aeration when they are used together.

More About MuckAway Muck Reducer

Keeping muck at bay can be challenging, but we’ve got you covered with the tools, treatments, and advice you need. Reach out to our helpful pond experts at 866-766-3435 today!

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