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Transform Pond Landscapes With Faux Rock Covers
TrueRock Flat Rock Cover
TrueRock Flat Rock Cover Hides Skimmers
TrueRock Boulder Covers
TrueRock Boulder Covers Look Like Natural Rocks

Transform Pond Landscapes With Faux Rock Covers

Nothing will ruin the enjoyment and aesthetic of your backyard water garden more than staring at unsightly pond equipment and plumbing fixtures. While mother nature might not need water pumps, filters, and UV clarifiers, they are necessary for our pond builds. Not to worry, hiding your equipment is easy with fake rock covers.

Camouflage Pond Equipment With Fake Rocks

Faux rock covers, also called decor rocks or artificial rocks, look and feel like real pond rocks but they are hollow, similar to a shell. Faux rocks will cover your pond equipment and give your landscape a finished look by blending in seamlessly with nature. Many of these fake landscape rocks are hand painted for a realistic and custom look. Besides providing camouflage, fake rocks are made of durable, high-quality materials and offer long-lasting equipment protection. They also provide weather protection by blocking out rain, snow, intense sunlight, debris, dust, and most anything else the great outdoors throws at your equipment.

Selecting the Right Size Fake Rock

Faux rocks are designed to be irregular in shape to give them a more realistic look. Because of this irregularity, sizing is challenging and many pond owners struggle finding the correct size to cover their equipment.

Start by measuring the maximum length, width, and height of the equipment you want to cover. Then compare these measurements to the manufacturer’s internal dimensions. Note that many manufacturers have listed the average interior dimensions at multiple heights to help guide you in finding the perfect rock. If you’re close on fit, we recommend going up a size. It’s better to have a bit more space than be too tight.

  • CrystalClear TrueRock Boulder Covers: Available in Mini, Small, Medium, and Large, no one will even know that these are not real. The durable fiberglass base is hand painted to a Greystone or Sandstone color, meaning no two rocks are exactly the same. Boulders range in height from 5" to 20" with a footprint of 10"L x 8"W to 33"L x 24"W. The Mini and Small are vented and the perfect option for covering your aeration kit or electrical outlets. Use the Medium or Large to hide your UV clarifier, filter, septic vents, or other bulky eyesores.

  • CrystalClear TrueRock Skimmer Covers: These are a shorter, flatter version of the Boulder Covers that provide excellent concealment of skimmers, waterfall filters, irrigation boxes, and other unsightly low-profile items. Skimmer covers are also available in Small, Medium, and Large, and two color options. They range between 30"L x 23"W x 3"H and 42"L x 36"W x 5"H.

  • Atlantic Rock Lids: Camouflage your gadgets with rocks colored to match the bona fide rocks in your region. Atlantic Rock Lids are available in Small, Medium and Large. These sizes fall between the size and height of the TrueRock Boulder and Skimmer Covers. To help make sizing easy, the product page will suggest which Atlantic products will fit under these fiberglass rocks.

  • DekoRRa Faux Rocks: With eight sizes to choose from, you are sure to find the rock for almost any application. Rectangular items, such as well or septic assemblies, are no match for the Long Rock. Even huge pieces like pool filters or pressure tank assemblies can get hidden with the Super Rock. The flange design allows you to anchor the rock in place. Once you add mulch or landscaping stone, these soft gray colored rocks will blend into your backyard design.

  • Economy Faux Rock: A cost-effective option for covering your equipment or plumbing fixtures. The recessed base allows for airflow and gives a place for cords and airlines on this 16.5"L x 14"W x 10.5"H rock. Use the rock right out of the box, or you can paint the black plastic finish to match your landscape.
  • Fake Rocks Have Many Uses

    Artificial rocks are not just for pond equipment. They offer protection and camouflage to a variety of outdoor eyesores. Faux landscape rocks are a popular covering for utility boxes, pipes, pumps, wellhouse equipment, sewer lines, sprinkler units, outlets, well covers, and even exterior electric devices and plugs. They make a great hideaway for a key. Or use to hide a stubborn tree stump. The options are nearly endless!

    If you’re struggling to find the correct size fake rock cover for your landscape, the  experts at The Pond Guy are here to help.

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