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Do I need to use both bacteria and enzymes in my pond?
Ask Our Pond Experts
Ask Our Pond Experts

Do I need to use both bacteria and enzymes in my pond?

Asked By: Tom of Clinton, AR

A: Pond bacteria and enzymes are both microscopic heavyweights that break down decomposing organics, but they serve distinct purposes in this process. Beneficial bacteria are the primary players, while pond enzymes catalyze reactions to make substrates more easily digestible by bacteria.

Do you need to add both bacteria and enzymes to your pond? No, not really, and here’s why:

Beneficial Bacteria: The Leading Role
Billions of bacteria already live in your pond, and they're prolific. Each tiny drop of fresh water from a pond or lake contains roughly one million bacterial cells. These hungry critters decompose organic material, like dead algae, weeds, leaves, and pond muck.

Oxygen-loving aerobic bacteria, found in bacteria additives like Airmax MuckAway and PondClear, do much better at gobbling organics than anaerobic varieties living in anoxic environments. Many ponds have an overabundance of anaerobic bacteria due to poor circulation.

Bacterial Enzymes: The Supporting Cast
Enzymes are not living creatures but rather proteins that accelerate chemical reactions. They're catalysts that help natural bacteria digest organic material. This allows the bacteria to work faster and more efficiently.

As self-sufficient microorganisms, beneficial bacteria naturally secrete enzymes to aid in digestion. Add pond bacteria treatments, like PondClear and MuckAway in Airmax ClearPAC Plus, to increase the available pond enzymes. This addition will lead to more rapid decomposition of muck and a cleaner, clearer pond.

Give Them a Boost
To boost natural bacteria, ensure your  aeration system is well-maintained and pumping adequate oxygen into your pond. Supercharge your treatment with EcoBoost PRx bacteria enhancer plus phosphate control to bind excess phosphates and other suspended organics in the water. It also adds more than 80 trace minerals to promote fish wellness and growth, so it's fantastic for critters of all sizes!

Pond Bacteria Treatment Tips

Beneficial bacteria for ponds is one aspect of natural water treatments to keep your aquatic ecosystem clean, clear, and balanced. To learn more about treating water quality issues in your pond, contact us online or by phone at 866-766-3435.

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Last Updated: April 15, 2024