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Patio Pond Ideas
Container Pond With Spitter
Container Pond With Spitter
Mini Pond
Mini Pond

Patio Pond Ideas

Few things are more relaxing than listening to the soothing sound of flowing water. You might think you have to live by the ocean or on a lake to enjoy the benefits of blue spaces, but you don’t! With our container pond ideas, you can create a tranquil waterscape in your condo, apartment, or office.

If you have always wanted a water garden but thought it was too much work, we’ve got you covered! Discover our low-maintenance patio pond ideas to create a mini bucket pond, or add fish to your new water garden to make a container fish pond.

Patio Pond Kits

Our patio pond kits make it easy to have a complete water garden in any indoor or outdoor setting so you can enjoy your moment of tranquility every day. With several styles and sizes available, you can create a calming corner on your porch, balcony, or even indoors with a mini pond in your choice of size and color.

Each kit includes all the equipment needed to create a peaceful little water garden in a small space, including:

  • An elegant patio pond container
  • A water garden filter with a pump
  • A decorative fountain with a pump and tubing

With our round patio pond kits, you have three sizes and color options to select the one that best matches your aesthetic. These Japanese-garden-inspired bowls come in 32- and 40-inch sizes that hold 20 and 30 gallons, respectively. These ponds are perfect for the corner of your deck, porch, patio, or balcony.

Our elegant square-shaped patio pond containers come in 22- and 27-inch sizes, with a textured slate gray finish for a rustic look. Each container holds 15 and 27 gallons, respectively. These also are a graceful addition to any indoor or outdoor small space.

Mini patio pond kits are ideal for tabletops and balcony boxes.

Setting up Your Patio Pond

Setting up our patio ponds is quick and easy, thanks to the conveniently integrated plant shelf and plumbing ports. Unpack the kit, slide the tubing through the plumbing ports and connect them, fill it with water, plug it in, and enjoy the gentle sound of bubbling water!

Adding Plants and Fish

To bring your patio pond to life, you can add aquatic plants and small fish to enhance the look of your new tiny water garden.

Aquatic Plants

Aquatic plants do more than beautify your water garden. Pond plants help keep the water clean, reduce algae, and provide shelter for fish.

For aquatic plants in your patio pond, we suggest a few bog plants placed on the planting shelf or a floating plant placed on the water. Floating plants such as water hyacinth or water lettuce grow rapidly and could take over your small container, so thin and dispose of excess vegetation to control growth.

Choosing Fish

If you add fish to your new mini pond, opt for goldfish, guppies, and other small species. Avoid Koi, which can grow too large for small container ponds. Be sure not to crowd it with too many fish. A good guideline is one inch of fish per gallon of water.

Each patio pond kit includes a filtration system to help control fish waste and keep the water clean. Still, you should consider additional treatments to keep the water clear and your fish healthy.

Maintaining Your Patio Pond or Water Garden

To keep your new patio pond or water garden looking its best and your fish in tip-top shape, you must treat the water to control muck and algae and remove contaminants.

We recommend the following treatments for any water garden containing fish:

  • Muck Defense Tablets release beneficial bacteria that digest organic debris, removing excess nutrients from the water that contribute to the accumulation of pond muck. This is great for keeping the water garden balanced, fresh, and muck-free.
  • LiquidClear Bacterial Pond Cleaner digests dead organic matter in the water, keeping it crystal clear.
  • Stress Reducer Plus and CrystalClear Vanish Plus are water conditioners that help your fish and plants adjust to their new home.
  • FeatureClear & InstaFix Combo are two products that work together to keep your mini pond in top condition. Specifically designed for fountains, waterfalls, birdbaths, and small ponds, it helps control algae and reduce odors and organic sediment to keep the water clear. When used as directed, both are safe to use with fish and aquatic plants.

DIY Patio Pond

You can also create a DIY patio pond using your own container if you are up to the challenge. Once you choose a container, consider the following equipment and supplies to create your DIY patio pond:

Learn More About Patio Ponds

No matter your space, you can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere a water garden creates with our mini pond ideas, ideal for small yards, patios, and tabletops. Are you still wondering how to make a perfect patio pond? Contact our experts, who can answer all your pond care questions!

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