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When should I start using the Seasonal Defense in my DefensePAC?
ASKED BY: Chuck of Essex, MD
ASKED BY: Chuck of Essex, MD

When should I start using the Seasonal Defense in my DefensePAC?

A:  Seasonal Defense Spring & Fall Prep is a 2-in-1 product designed for changing seasons. In this cool weather, natural aerobic bacteria are infused with barley straw to help keep the water clear. In the spring, Seasonal Defense replenishes bacteria lost over the winter. It starts the growth of the waste-gobbling microorganisms. It breaks down dead foliage, fish waste, and other sediments accumulated over the summer and fall. In the fall, Seasonal Defense bacteria will focus their energy on cleaning up the fine organic material and muck before winter.

Add It Between 40°F and 50°F

For spring prep, plan to start treating with Seasonal Defense once your pond is up and running. The water temperature exceeds 40° Fahrenheit. You can expect to use it for about one month or until the water hits 50°F. Once the thermostat tops 50°F, switch to Nature's Defense. To prep, your pond for fall and winter, treat your pond with Seasonal Defense once water temperatures dip below 50°F. Use a floating pond thermometer to monitor your pond's water temperature with ease at all times.

Distribute Evenly

Don't just pile the Seasonal Defense packets in one place in your pond. Disburse packets in each corner of your pond to ensure the even spread of the beneficial bacteria and breakdown of accumulated muck. Add some to the filter to concentrate and accelerate new bacteria growth on the filter media. Distribute them evenly—but, of course, follow the package recommendations for dosage rates.

Help the Bacteria Work

Remember to aerate the pond and give it an old-fashioned cleaning to make those bacteria's jobs easier. Along with running your pond's pump and filtration system, keep your aeration system going to help move the water, add oxygen, and disperse the bacteria throughout the pond. Regularly check and clean out your skimmer basket, and remove any leaves or large pieces of debris that blow into the pond.

And if you don't have one in place already, install some Pond Netting or a PondShelter to prevent leaves from falling into your water garden in the first place. This preventive maintenance step will save you time—and make Seasonal Defense's job easier.