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Water Clarity Study With PondClear

Water Clarity Study With PondClear

How effective is Airmax PondClear beneficial bacteria for ponds and lakes? The proof is in the science.

An independent study with Airmax Natural Water Treatments showcases the powerful impact of PondClear bacteria in pond water with subpar clarity and quality.

The Pond:

An Auburn Hills, Michigan, community approached Airmax about their two retention ponds characterized by hypereutrophic conditions (excessive nutrients and minerals) with cloudy water and late-season planktonic algae blooms. The ponds measured 0.8 and 0.7 acres, with average depths of approximately 2.75 feet.

The Plan:

PondClear was applied to the 0.8-acre pond biweekly for 16 weeks throughout the summer. The 0.7-acre pond, with equivalent environmental and weather influences, remained untreated and was used as a control.

Representative water samples were pulled initially and monthly throughout the study, and samples were taken to an independent laboratory for turbidity analysis.

The Results:

The turbidity of the treated pond was reduced consistently throughout the summer, while the control suffered the same yearly fate of cloudy, murky water. PondClear decreased turbidity by 95% in 16 weeks.

At the end of the field study, the treated pond showed significant improvement. The community opted for all their ponds to be treated with PondClear moving forward.

Full Study:

View  the complete study on the official Airmax website to learn more.

About PondClear:

Airmax PondClear is a natural pond cleaner that combines beneficial bacteria and enzymes with patented clarifiers and flocculants to bind free reactive phosphorous, digest organic debris, and remove excess nutrients.

Helpful microorganisms like pond bacteria are crucial for a thriving aquatic ecosystem. Don’t struggle with water clarity issues any longer. Get real results with PondClear.

Questions About Water Clarity Treatments

Do you have questions about the best water clarity treatments? Contact us online or by phone at 866-766-3435 to get personalized advice for your pond or lake today!

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Last Updated: March 19, 2024