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Water Clarity Study With PondClear

Water Clarity Study With PondClear

The Proof is in the Science

An independent study with Airmax Natural Water Treatments

The Pond:

A community in Auburn Hills, Michigan, approached Airmax about their two retention ponds characterized by hypereutrophic conditions with cloudy water and late-season planktonic algae blooms. The ponds measured 0.8 acres and 0.7 acres, both with average depths of approximately 2.75 feet.

The Plan:

PondClear was applied to the 0.8-acre pond on a biweekly basis for 16 weeks throughout the summer. The 0.7-acre pond, with equivalent environmental and weather influences, remained untreated and was used as a control.

Representative water samples were pulled initially and monthly through the end of the study, and samples were taken to an independent laboratory for analysis of turbidity.

The Results:

The turbidity of the treated pond was reduced consistently throughout the summer, while the control suffered the same yearly fate of cloudy, discolored water. PondClear decreased turbidity by 95% in 16 weeks.

At the end of the field study, the treated pond showed significant improvement. The community opted for all their ponds to be treated with PondClear going forward.

Full Study:

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