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What is the difference between PondClear and MuckAway beneficial bacteria treatments?
Ask Our Pond Experts
Ask Our Pond Experts

What is the difference between PondClear and MuckAway beneficial bacteria treatments?

Asked By: MaryBeth of Worthington, MA

A: You might wonder why you should use two different pond bacteria treatments. Isn’t one enough? Microbiologist William. B. Whitman determined that the number of bacteria on Earth was around five nonillion (million trillion trillion)—an impossible number to comprehend!


That's a lot of microorganisms.

Altogether, there are over a trillion unique species of microbes, so not all bacteria provide the same benefits. PondClear and MuckAway both contain beneficial bacteria for ponds that consume excess nutrients, improving water quality and clarity. The bacterial strains included in these products differ in what issues they treat.

MuckAway Removes Muck
Airmax MuckAway eats muck—the slimy organics that accumulate along beaches and pond bottoms. The MuckAway tablets swiftly sink and dissolve, releasing countless microbes hungry for detritus. This all-natural sludge remover is perfect for spot-treating stubborn buildup and is safe for all critters, big and small.

PondClear Tackles Turbidity
Airmax PondClear devours debris suspended in the water column, which causes cloudiness and turbidity. PondClear beneficial bacteria disperse throughout the pond, consuming and digesting that organic matter. The water-soluble packets contain a maintenance dose of EcoBoost PRx, which binds free-floating phosphates for even more pond-cleaning power. In no time, your pond ecosystem will be cleaner, clearer, and smell fresher. It's safe for plants, fish, livestock, wildlife, and more.

Better Together
The beneficial pond bacteria in MuckAway and PondClear work well alone to target the debris they are designed for, but their synergy is how the magic happens. If you have water clarity, odor, and muck issues, try these bacteria treatments together for fast results. Supercharge your natural pond treatments by adding a diffused aeration system to circulate and oxygenate water.

Beneficial Pond Bacteria Treatment Questions

Do you have questions about using good bacteria to outcompete harmful bacteria in pond water, reducing noxious odors, turbidity, and muck? We have you covered! Contact us with all your pond treatment questions. For prompt and friendly advice, call 866-766-3435.

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Last Updated: April 22, 2024